Why walking is a good exercise for lower back pain relief.

If you were to tell me 5 years ago that walking was a good exercise for lower back pain I would have looked at you like you were crazy. I used to think that walking was something you did when you got old and unable to really workout. I was wrong. Today I want to […]

Back pain from sitting too much? The ultimate guide to hacking your sitting!

Real life desk job hacks for back pain sufferers from a real life desk jockey! “Your back hurts because you sit too much.” We have to put an end to this pointless diagnosis. “Your back hurts because you sit too much” is probably one of the most overused blanket statements for diagnosing low levels of […]

A huge mistake a lot of back pain sufferers make in their recovery.

  Have you ever been stuck asking yourself any of these questions? Why am I doing these “exercises for back pain” but not getting any relief? I do my core exercise, go to rehab and/or practice my movement mechanics 3x a week. Why am I not seeing results?! Can you relate to any of these […]