My Doctor told me my only options were surgery or medicated pain management. I wrestled with these options for year before I gave up on the medical industry and found relief for myself. 

Who this site is for

If you found your way to this site then odds are your sitting somewhere at your wits end desperately looking to find relief for your back.  Even if it’s from some half naked, tree hugger on youtube showing you stretches you know for a fact you could never do.

 Believe me I know exactly where your coming from. I was that person for years.

It’s very simple. You need to know that you do have the power to control your chronic back pain. You do not HAVE to have surgery, pain medications or injections. There are other options. It’s just that doctors don’t have the time or knowledge to spend with you to show you what to do. This site is for just. It’s for any living and breathing human being whether an athlete, weekend warrior or someone just trying to improve their quality of life. Your looking for a way to bring relief to the back pain you have had for years. 



How many of you can relate to any of this?

-Doc says to get more exercise but no matter what I do in the gym my back still hurts.

-My desk job is killing my back.

-I take 800mg of anti inflammatories a day and nothing seems to touch the pain.

-All I can think about before going to bed is my back…it’s the same thing I think about when I get up in the morning.

-Im afraid to do some of the things I love because of my back pain..HELP!!

-Doc says that surgery or shots are my only option.

-I have no clue what I am doing in the gym to help my back….everything I do seems to irritate it more.

-Even if I could help myself, I don’t even know where to begin.

-Ever since I heard that pop my back has never been the same

-I have this constant numbness in my butt and if I sit down long enough it travels down my leg

-I have had this back pain for years…I just need to learn to live with it.


Through out this site and within my premium member group, I am going to give you techniques that I have personally tested on others or myself. This is NOT a site promoting or sponsored by some medical drug or spine specialist. I am not going to push some surgeons ebook on “The fastest way to heal back pain”. I don’t do that because it’s all crap. It’s not real and in the end, you are still living with pain. My pain management solution comes from my personal back pain journey, experience in the fitness industry, continued education and what I have found to be the most effective. Thats it. No special tricks, powders or potions.

I am not a doctor nor am I any licensed professional who has the education and background to give anyone a medical diagnosis. That’s the big thing I want you to know about this site. I am not here to pretend that I can diagnose and give you the answer to your problem. Back pain is such a deep and winding road that one must seek the professional first before anything else. My goal with this site to allow people to look into my journey with chronic back pain. Both with my success’s and failures. I do have a strong opinion about the medical industry but I also understand the importance of seeking out true medical attention before anything else. Despite my ups and downs with finding an answer to my questions I could never find anyone who has or is walking in my shoes and willing to share their journey. I wanted to be exactly that. Just someone you can relate to and maybe find help along the way.  


When it comes to content this is where I am going to spend most of my time.

Core topics you will learn in-depth knowledge about on this site.

  • The options you have that the doctors don’t tell you about when it comes to healing your chronic back pain.
  • Understanding the mind body connection when it comes to gaining control over what seems like out of control back pain.
  • Specific exercises that will reduce your back pain. This is NOT about cliche yoga moves, this is the stuff that doctors and exercise specialists know little about.
  • Lifestyle design: Most people live there lives based round their pain. I give you healthier more obtainable options to do your day to day work and not be tied down by how you feel.
  • Mobility, self massage, and tissue work to get fast pain relief: Again, this is not your typical yoga and palates stuff.
  • Program design. I want to teach you to build an exercise program that will allow you to continue to recovery while keeping exercise a priority.


This is not another medical site. I have no attachment to any crazy doctors or medical facility. This is my life, my knowledge and your ticket to getting control over your back pain.

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