1 Simple test you can do at home to help diagnose your back pain: Part II Extension

Remember when you were a kid laying belly down on the floor of your living room with your head propped up by your arms as you would watch episode after episode of Beatleborgs? Who would have thought you would be doing the same thing trying to figure out why your back has been killing you! Well, not so […]

How anti-extension exercises will help with your back pain

I know I promised you PART II of the self-testing for back pain this week but I wanted to share some GOLD I ran into over the weekend. Stay tuned for PART II this Thursday 🙂   What if the problem we face with back pain isn’t necessarily strengthening a weak muscle? What if it […]

2 Simple steps to help with your terrible posture

  Poor posture sucks. I see people on a daily bases who walk around with some of the poorest body positions I have ever seen. I am no one to really speak though, I am in a constant state of repair when it comes to fixing what I have messed up over the past 28 […]