A simple approach to addressing undiagnosed back pain

There are claims of over 85% of back pain suffers going undiagnosed (McGill)  This is a HUGE topic that has been debated for years amongst some of the top physicians in the world. For some, these undiagnosed pains lead to assumptions that the pain is all in our heads. Basically, our brains could be the sole reason […]

Ab Exercises that are bad for your back.

There is definitely a list of ab exercises that you need to stop doing if you have back pain. Odds are, your doctor told you to “be more active” or to “strengthen your core”. What they don’t tell you is that you could go to the gym and do the exact exercise that will end up […]

Improve your lower back pain and posture with these 5 back exercises.

There is a piece to the back pain relief puzzle that a lot of people over look. We feel pain and we immediately go to the source of the pain and expect to find the cause. In some cases that works but we have to look at the body as a whole to really rule stuff […]

I have low back pain when standing: How do I fix it?

I have said it a million times, sitting is one of the biggest causes of back pain today. I actually just released a detailed workout blueprint that is designed for the “desk jockey”. You can check that out here. What about those who stand all day? Maybe you’re a trainer or a teacher who stands in front of […]

What Causes a Herniated Disc?

Probably one of the most common back abnormality is the disc herniation. Some are small while others leave the patient with debilitating pain. When it comes to figuring out what caused the herniation, it’s really a shot in the dark. All you can do is resort back to your lifestyle and history to get a […]

Your daily commute is trashing your back, stop the pain with this.

I know first hand what it’s like to struggle with chronic back pain and have to commute back and forth between work and home. It sucks! Before I got relocated and saved 20 minutes on my daily commute I was driving over an hour each way…that’s assuming there was no traffic. The hardest thing about the trip […]