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There are over 100 articles and videos on this site all designed to help you put the pieces to your own back pain puzzle together. The focus for is to teach you simple tools you can use to break your own pain cycle. Every day you wake up and follow a routine. For so many people that routine is what keeps their back inflamed and far from getting relief. 

What I wanted this page to represent is your starting point. Being new to a site can be overwhelming because you don’t really know where to start or how to even begin to look at old articles and apply them to your own situation. This page is here to help you sort this out. 

First and foremost the best thing you could do is get plugged in here at the site. The people that see the most relief and success in their own personal plans are the ones that don’t miss a single post! They get every article hand delivered to their inbox along with the bonus content that doesn’t make it onto the site.

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Best place to start when it comes to understanding your own pain cycle

1. 25 Habits you do every day that is trashing your back 

2. Optimizing your morning routine to reduce back pain

3. 3 Reasons CrossFit (or any high-intensity training) is making your pain worse

4. How to handle driving induced back pain

5. Terrible ab exercises for your back 

6. Why MRI’s are terrible for diagnosing back pain

7. 10 critical exercises mistakes you’re making in the gym.

Best place to start when it comes to treating your own back pain

1. The best way to stretch the Quadratus Lumborum 

2. The do’s and donts of exercising after a spinal fusion

3. Foam rolling and trigger release for your piriformis 

4. Test and correct the way you brace your core

5. A simple way to fix the way you bend to prevent back pain

6. Diagnose and treat Pseudo-Sciatica (piriformis syndrome)

7. How to fix anterior pelvic tilt 

8. How to fix rounded shoulders

Courses and Coaching

For those who need a little more in-depth look into their own personal pain cycle a great first step would be to check out my premier course Breaking the Pain Cycle.

This gives you everything you need to start your own pain relief journey off on the right foot. You can read all about it by following this link.

I also offer one-on-one personalized relief plans as well as back pain specific training programs. To read all about that and to apply for a chance to work with me directly, follow the link below!

Personalized Relief Plans


Before you do anything else, make sure you have these handy at all times!

One of the most important things you can do as someone who suffers from chronic back pain is have the tools you need to bring relief on command and no I am not talking about whats located behind the bathroom mirror. I’m talking about objects that before reading through this site you would never have thought to use any of them to bring you relief. I wanted to compile a list that I will be always updating and adding to as I discover new tools that only bring value to you These items are things that I personally use now or did use at different points of my pain management journey.

*Warning* Some of the links below ARE affiliate links. Any financial gain from these links goes directly back into maintaining the sites hosting and design expenses. If purchasing from affiliated links is something you do not support feel free to Google any of the items listed below and purchase them from whichever source you want. I appreciate your support by purchasing from these links but also respect your choice of where you purchase your items.

As you move through this site you will learn exactly what you need to do with each of these tools. Some you may have seen before while others may be totally new to you. The biggest thing I want you to know that these items are going to be key to your recovery from chronic pain. If you are reading this site you are tired of listening to doctors and maxing out your tolerance of the latest pain killer. These medications only mask the symptoms. They don’t fix the problem. I know my way around every single one of these tools and will be happy to teach you everything I know so that you can find your freedom.


F4BP’s Essential Pain Management Tools

Thera Cane Massager:

Thera Cane soft tissue tool 

Love the versatility in this tool. Before anything else, this is a must!

Lacrosse Ball:

Lacrosse Ball – NCAA NFHS Certified

One of the most versatile tools under $5. Once you graduate past the tennis ball this is your next step. Excellent for trigger release on muscles that have knotted up. One of the things we suffer with when going through bouts of severe back pain is the muscles around the affected area start to cramp up and tighten. You are gong to learn exactly how to treat these areas using this specific tool. This will be one of your gym bag essentials!

If you want to take your tissue release a little further I have recently been experimenting with these.

Dr. Cohen’s Heatable acuBall, HEATABLE relief of arthritis, back, neck, hip, shoulder, buttock, leg, chest pain and so much more


Foam Roller:

BLACK High Density Foam Roller – 18″x6″ – ²QYUHZ

-If you haven’t seen one of these before you are behind! Technically I would choose foam rolling over-stretching any day but just like everything else, there is a time and a place for everything. Foam rolling is definitely and essential when it comes to low back pain but you will often see stretches and specific rolling techniques paired together.

Stretch Bands:

Resistance & Mobility Stretch Band (Size: 1/4″W, Resistance: 2-15lbs.) *Pull-Up and Starter Band

These are awesome. Besides the millions of potential workouts you can do with these, I often will use these to take my stretching to the next level. I am a firm believer in having a solid understanding of the basics but there comes a time when you need to dig deeper. These bands do just that. They can turn any two-man workout or mobility routine into only needing one. You will definitely get some great workout ideas with these bands on this site as well!

Tennis Ball:

Penn Championship XD Tennis Balls (Single Can/3 Balls)

These are pretty basic. Any normal American should have at least one of these laying around their house or garage. You will be using these in the early stages of trigger release and working on tight tissues around the lower back. The lacrosse ball is a lot harder than these and may be a little intense to start off with. These tennis balls are a great place to start!












Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection

It took me over 2 years to finally realize one of the biggest players that was holding me back from managing my pain effectively was my mind. No, this is not one of those voodoo, lets all be positive and love each other kind of books. This is real life testimonies and step by step instructional on how to over come your biggest obstacle.  This is a book that I always suggest all of my clients read FIRST before they start anything. I was this books #1 skeptic until I read it from cover to cover. This will be one the books I read over and over and over to keep myself on the right track and having complete control over my back pain. No matter what you do get this book as soon as you can!







Low Back Disorders, Second Edition


This book was feeding the nerd within me. It is one of my more detailed educational books. It is extremely practical with step by step how to’s and pictures to guide you along the way.  I am a firm believer in Dr. McGill’s philosophy on back pain and would suggest is work and open minded approach to anyone! This book will really help understand the break down of your back pain. How to self diagnose, design basic workout programs that focus on core and spine stability and tons more. When I say you need to know everything you can about your specific situation this is on of the exact references you need to have to teach yourself exactly what you need to know. I have sticky notes and high lighter all through this book and will always go back to freshen up my understanding.


These are my gym bag and reading essentials to start you off. Remember the majority of these links ARE affiliate links where I earn a commission on any sales made on these items. Any financial gain goes directly back into running this site and bringing as much value to you as I possibly can. I totally respect wherever you purchase these items from. The important thing is that you get your hands on the items above and keep them close! Thanks so much no matter what you do, I appreciate your support!

5 comments on “Start Here

  1. I am curious about your suggestion to read Sarno’s book. He recommends not doing any form of physical treatment for back pain as it keeps you focused on the body instead of knowing the cause is emotional. I liked his book but found that part very difficult to acccept since many physical things have helped me a lot. Curious about your thoughts on this considering most of your site solely focuses on physical approaches.

    1. Hey Brian,

      This is a great question. Sarno’s book was one of the first books on back pain that I ever read. I am very aware of its contents and position when it comes to dealing with back pain. I did write one article very early on about the mental aspect to pain but found it to be a very hard topic to talk about since I had not really had a lot of experience (good or bad). I am a believer that external sources can play a role in whether or not you have more back pain one day over another. I am still working through my own experiences with meditation (whatever that looks like for you) and trying not to “think” about the pain as often. One of the sections in the books talks about expecting pain at certain places because that’s how it’s always been. For example. A lot of people at work experience pain but at home, on the weekends it’s not as bad. This supports his theory that stress and negative environments can affect your level of pain.

      At the end of the day, I AM a believer in approaching pain from a mental standpoint but to say nothing else needs to be done is hard for me to be sold out for at this moment. I am interested in rereading the book and looking at ways I can create content that focuses solely on the mental aspect of pain management though so thanks for the inspiration. I would love to continue this conversation if you want! Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions!

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