My best Self-Study Courses and Coaching to help you use exercise, movement and lifestyle change to target lower back pain relief.

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Designed to pin point exactly what your doing on a daily basis that is holding you back from over coming your chronic pain.

A step by step guide to auditing your daily habits and pulling out the most powerful yet overlooked causes of your chronic pain. This was designed for anyone currently dealing with chronic, acute, or exercise induced lower back pain as well as anyone who has been cleared to exercise after any kind of spinal surgery.

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Designed to eliminate the frustration and conflicting information in the fitness industry around core training and lower back pain relief.

This is a 14+ week “done-for-you” video course that teaches you the essentials of core coordination, endurance and how to train these elements for long term relief. Specifically designed for chronic, acute or exercise induced back pain as well as anyone cleared to exercise after a spinal surgery.

One-on-One Private Coaching

Hands down the most powerful and interactive resource you could have for individualizing your own exercise and relief strategy. From unlimited access to me, live video sessions, calls, private coaching community page and more. This is strategically designed to have all the elements in place for you to have the most success.

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F4BP’s private membership is the first in its class. The F4BP Private Membership the most powerful community and resource you will ever find that is strategically designed for the low back pain individual. The F4BP Private Membership will contain but is not limited to:

-Unlimited access to me: your back pain fitness coach!

-New Coaching/Training videos on specific pain topics monthly!

-Custom workout programs you can do for all fitness levels with chronic, acute or exercise induced back pain as well as anyone who is cleared to exercise after a major spinal surgery.

-Exclusive access to the tools I use for relief

-Unreleased video content and articles.

-Peace of mind the exercises you are doing are safe and will build strength rather then more damage.

-Access to a community of like minded people in the Private Facebook Group

-Video coaching and form checks by me to make sure you are on the right track with your training.