Your 1st step towards becoming as pain free a possible is consulting with your primary back specialist. There are trained medical professionals that actually do know what they are doing and only want the best for you. Before doing anything I suggest on this site please consult with your doctor first. We are not licensed physicians. Just like anything else you can hurt yourself doing any of the suggestions on this site if done improperly. The information on this site is built from my past and current experience through real life application, research and study.

We cannot guarantee that the information on this site will cure your back pain. They are simply suggestions off of results that we have personally had or what research has shown.

Any activity can result in physical injury. We stress we are an information site only, and are not qualified to dispense medical diagnosis or prognosis. If you have any injuries at all, please see your local medical professional or specialist.

6 thoughts on “Medical Disclaimer

  1. I have had 2 surgeries, they put a screw in crooked the first time & I was left WITH Dropped feet, my left side
    being the worst.
    My pain is unimagined & pain increased & Of course added weight gain. Is it really possible to be pain free or at least durable pain? Please respond. Thank you.

  2. Hi-Glad I found this site, a little late unfortunately. I had C5-C 7 fusion 15 years ago and have done everything you said I shouldn’t do. Now my discs are bulging above and below but it isn’t critical, not yet. I have been taking it easy the last couple of months and have been doing ice/heat and mild stretching. I do not want it to get worse-do not want a 2nd surgery! I am currently looking for PT to help. Is there any advice you can give me? I was in horrible pain unable to do anything for weeks but I am upright again and want to keep it that way. Looking forward to some helpful information. Thanks

  3. I am currently about 3 months post surgery of a L4-L5 fusion after two prior discectomies due to bulged disc hit my sciatic nerve. I don’t really know where to go from here to get myself back in shape and keep my core strong so that hopefully in the future I will not have any more surgeries due to this issue. I am currently 190 and definitely need to lose some weight while also hopefully getting rid of the continued back pain after surgery. If there is anything you could recommend I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

    1. Hey Jeremy! Welcome to the community! I have two flagship courses the majority of my students go through. The all-inclusive, end to end, step-by-step approach would be Relief Academy you can check out more details following that link.

      The second more targeted approach would be Core Essentials. This does not cover the whole body when it comes to strength and relief but it is my number one course for building a stronger more coordinated core system for those after spinal surgery or years of chronic low back pain.

      Ask any questions you have!


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