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Fixing rounded shoulders


 QL Release Video Below! Don’t forget the printable workout sheet below that!!








7 thoughts on “Free Relief Guides

  1. Do you know a different site for C fusions? Some of the information here is great but not as relative to the C fusions.

    Thanks so much for any helpful insights, I had the fusions 10 years ago and still battle anytime I lift more than 5 lbs. Every time we try to strengthen to reduce flare ups I end up with ice packs and gabapentin. And I am not interested in another surgery just a life style without constant discomfort Motrin, ice and worry as to when a flare up is going to strike next.

  2. Hi
    I’ve had my l1 fused about 2 years ago and I’ve been in physio had dry needling and theres done is there anything thing u guys can recommend that I try I’m a weight of 195 and need to do something

  3. I have a unique problem with tight QLs (both sides). My back is fused from L1-L5. It is near impossible to do any of the stretches when I’m fighting titanium rods! I have just started dry needling of the QLs (both rib and hip connections). This is the most painful thing you can imagine, but I’ll do it if it helps.
    This muscle seems so deep though, can it really help?
    Any advice you can give someone with limited spinal movement? Tha ks

  4. Dear William,

    Love you blog! I had spinal fusion from T10-L4 last May and I’ve just started going to the gym again. You mentioned that it’s not good to do sit up after spinal fusion as it creates a lot of stress on either ends of the rods, what kind of core exercises will you recommend I do now? I definitely can’t do a full sit up now, only a ‘little’ one which is basically like lifting my head and shoulders off the floor and that’s it. Is plank/battle rope/hip lifts ok to do?

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

    Cai Lin

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