How To Fix Sciatica Going Down One Side Of The Body

Your doctor says you have some level of a herniated or bulging disc and sends you off with a PT slip and some pain meds to tie you over. 

Meanwhile, you have this killer sciatica going down one of your legs and nothing you do seems to help. 

Instead of waiting 6 weeks to hopefully get relief after going through the random PT exercises they have for you, let’s try something you can do RIGHT NOW from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s what you’ll learn today! 

  • A simple exercise that will target sciatica going down one leg
  • What to do if the exercise doesn’t work
  • How to modify the exercise to fit you’re specific situation.

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What Is The Best Approach To Treating Sciatica

I had high hopes of finding some really simple resources for you on the internet considering sciatica is one the most talked about symptom with chronic back pain. 

After a simple reference search, it reminded me of how broken our medical system is and the poor advice it’s spewing into the ears of sciatica pain sufferers all over the world. 

One of the TOP suggestions I kept getting was stretches like the child pose (which I made a video on WHY NOT here).

Another great suggestion I found was hamstring and piriformis stretches. 

Again, stop stretching your sciatica pain. It’s never going to work! 

Instead, start with something simple like this. 

A simple approach to sciatica pain relief.

Here’s another exercise and mobility routine just for sciatica relief!