The Best Herniated Disc Warm-Up Routine: FOLLOW THIS

Most chronic back pain sufferers spend way too much time focusing on the wrong things when it comes to exercise and pain relief strategies. 

I’m willing to bet whoever diagnosed you with a herniated or building disc also mentioned something about exercise or core training being important. 

Unfortunately, that blanket advice isn’t enough…

When it comes to exercise and back pain, how you prep your body before the workout is just as important as the actual workout. 

I personally hated warming up before workouts and, like you, thought it was a total waste of time. 

Then I ruptured my disc and lived with chronic back pain for years before coming to terms with treating my body the way it needs to sustain my lifestyle.

So today, I’m going to walk you through a simple warm-up routine that is GREAT for Disc Injuries and post-Fusion Warriors

Today you’ll discover: 

  • Your top priority for every warm-up
  • What key elements do a pain-free warm-up need to include
  • How to safely structure this and modify it for ANY back pain situation

Want to see exactly how you should apply exercise to your painful back? 

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