Top Core Exercise Mistakes To Avoid For A Stronger And Safer Workout!

Have you been trying to use core training as a relief strategy, but it seems that no matter how many modifications and exercises you do, the pain always comes back? 

Maybe you’ve had countless trips to your doctor’s office, and all they have to say is, “build a stronger core.”

Despite your efforts, you feel that something has to be missing.

The reality is you may be doing all the core exercises right. However, you’re still making some critical mistakes that sabotage your ability to maximize the benefits of building a stronger core. 

In today’s video, I’ll share the worst mistakes I see chronic back pain sufferers and post-surgery warriors making when using core training for lasting relief. 

Today you’ll discover: 

  • The “type” of core exercises that are wrecking your low back
  • The ultimate core training STYLE that will bring the best results
  • How to time your core training perfectly for a pain-free workout

Want to see exactly how I approach core training for low back pain relief? 

I’ll give you the exercises and exactly how you should program your core workout! CHECK IT OUT HERE

What Core Exercises Should I Avoid With Lower Back Pain?

Best Core Strengthening Exercises For Lower Back Pain | FAST RELIEF from Herniated Discs

A lot goes into applying core exercises to a painful low back.

For starters, we don’t want to give specific exercises a blanket label as “good” or “bad.” 

They can literally hold someone back from seeing relief due to fear keeping them away from exploring alternate options. 

As a rule of thumb for someone first starting on their journey of back pain relief, I say to eliminate all core exercises that involve 

  • Flexing 
  • Side Bending 
  • or Twisting

This leaves all neutral spine work free game. 

I do this to dial back on the potential activities that could be causing symptoms to flare while still challenging the core in a way that will lead to good results. 

From there, it comes down to the individual on whether or not they should start doing other “more risky” exercises. 

Telling me I can’t twist my spine (even with a 10-year-old ruptured disc with no chronic back pain) would be more so out of fear than facts about what My body can or cannot handle. 

Now If you were encouraging me to twist two years into a chronic back pain journey, I would look at you like you were crazy. 

It’s all about context. If you’re questioning whether or not what you’re doing is right for you, get help! 

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