Which Lower Back Exercises Should I Do? | Do These IN ORDER!

Your lower back is killing you, and you’re scared to try to strengthen it because the last time you did that, you were in bed for a week, popping 1000mg of ibuprofen every 4 hours. 

This is a familiar story I hear from chronic low back pain sufferers that can quickly be addressed if they were just to dial back their strategy.  

This can be hard if you’re used to more intense workouts, but it’s essential to get long-term relief and future-proofing your ability to stay in the gym pain-free for years to come.

Today I want to walk you through the process I use to introduce more targeted low back work without increasing pain or damage to the low back. 

In today’s video, you’ll discover: 

  • My secret to engaging the low back muscles without making them mad is only using your breath and core. 
  • The perfect beginner-level exercises for the low back
  • How to modify the exercises for the perfect fit and make them harder when ready.
  • The second most crucial muscle group you have to work to build strength in the low back.

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Is It Safe To Exercise Your Lower Back When You Have Back Pain?

A common misconception about exercising with lower back pain is that exercising the painful muscles will only worsen the pain. 

This can be true if the exercise intensity and choice do not fit your specific needs, but in general, it’s okay to move and exercise painful muscles. 

It comes down to learning how to stimulate these painful muscles in ways that don’t worsen the pain.

This is where getting help with the right exercise choice is critical. 

Today’s video above is a great place to start!

What Are The Best Lower Back Exercises To Start With For Low Back Pain?

The first place I would start is the core. Engaging and contracting the deep core involves contracting the muscles in the lower back. 

Learning to engage this area and turn on your deep core is step one to a solid lower back exercise routine. 

I demonstrated how to do this in today’s video. 

The next step is finding a low-threat exercise you can do, preferably on your tummy, to activate the muscles in the lower back without too much stress or fear. 

For this, I usually cycle between the:

Lower Limb Only Single Leg Raise

Opposite Arm/Leg Raise

Upper Body Raise Only

You can do these as small and gently as you want or make them harder and more intense. It’s up to you to pick the ideal level of stimulus for your unique situation.

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