Worst Exercises To Do With Back Pain | STOP DOING THESE

If you spend any time in the gym and are currently dealing with recurring low back pain this post is for you!

When it comes to using exercise to overcome chronic back pain, there’s a small list of exercises you should eliminate from your routine until your pain is under control.

In today’s video, I’ll break these 3 exercises down and give you some alternative exercises for you to do instead!

Today you’ll learn:

  1. The BIG 3 exercises you should stop doing with back pain

  2. The alternative exercise you can do that will leave your back feeling brand new

  3. Why certain exercises work really well and others leave you on a rollercoaster of pain

Two Main Reasons Why Certain Exercises Are "Bad" For Back Pain

Before we dive into the BIG 3 exercises you should eliminate from your training program, let’s look at two reasons why most exercises cause pain.


REASON #1: Poor form or technique while performing exercises.

When you don’t maintain an ideal pain-free posture and alignment, it can put excessive stress on your spine and muscles, leading to an increase in discomfort or pain in the back.

For example, lifting weights with a rounded back (if this is painful for you) instead of a straight one can strain your lower back muscles and potentially lead to pain.

NOTE: If rounding is NOT a painful movement, then you don’t need to obsess over a perfectly rigid posture. 

It’s important to prioritize good form and start with lighter weights to build strength gradually.

REASONS #2: Overexertion or pushing yourself too hard.

Going too heavy or doing too many repetitions with the WRONG exercises without allowing your muscles to recover can lead to muscle fatigue and strain, which can manifest as back pain.

It’s crucial to listen to your body, take rest days, pick the RIGHT exercises, and gradually increase the intensity of your workouts to avoid overloading your back muscles.

Remember, consistency and patience in your fitness journey can go a long way in preventing gym-related back discomfort.

Remember these are not the ONLY reasons for exercise-induced back pain but its a great place to start. 

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