4 Endurance Ab Exercises You Must be Doing! (BACK PAIN EDITION!)

Does your back hurt after standing for long periods? 

Or maybe your back feels tight, achy, and stiff after doing any activity around the house or at work?

Endurance training is one of the most overlooked tools in your chronic back pain relief toolbox. 

When using exercise to conquer tight, achy, and stiff muscles, it’s not just about building more strength. 

Focusing on muscle endurance has been my secret for getting muscles around the low back to engage and support the body the way they should. 

Today I want to share with you 4 of my top core endurance exercises that are safe for chronic low back pain. 

Today you’ll discover: 

  • How to transform your core and improve your overall fitness, all while saying goodbye to pesky back pain
  • How to turn OFF your tight, achy low back and TURN ON your core for pain relief and a bulletproof core.
  • A plank variation you’ve never done before!
Core training is an essential asset in my Hybrid Relief Method, but it’s not just about building a stronger core.

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What's Better For Low Back Pain: Core Endurance or Strength?

When most people think of core training, they think of building a “stronger” core. 

You may think that a stronger core is all you need to bounce back after multiple back surgeries, child labor, or chronic low back pain.

Some parts of this are true, but the best core training program focuses on endurance just as much as strength. 

In most cases, core Strength is a byproduct of ANY core training, so you don’t have to worry about being so hyperfocused on that result.

I want to encourage you to spend more energy on building core endurance. 

Some essential things happen when doing specific exercises that involve holding a good position. 

One of the most important ones is that you stay in the exercise longer, which will typically recruit the right muscles for the exercise. 

When you’re just blasting through reps trying to focus on “strength,” there tend to be WAY more compensations, along with other muscles being recruited to protect your painful back. 

You want to gently recruit even the painful muscles, which in this case can take a little bit extra time doing the exercises, then just trying to knock out 8 reps and be done. 

Taking your time, holding the exercise, feeling the muscle activate, and allowing any other muscle trying to take over to let go is the BEST way to train the mind-muscle connection that I believe chronic back pain suffers are missing. 

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