Desk Job? How To Prevent Back Pain From Sitting All Day | ONLY DO THESE 3 THINGS!!

What you’ve been taught about fixing the pain you get while sitting is all wrong.

Most chronic back pain sufferers struggle to sit. 

For you, it may be anything after 30 minutes kills your lower back..or maybe it’s even less time than that. 

Either way, you’re here to regain the ability to sit longer comfortably without muscle through debilitating leg pain.  

The medical model wants you to think you’re only a few core exercises and stretches away from having complete freedom. 

Today I’m going to show you what it really takes!

Today you’ll discover: 

  • The truth about pain with sitting when it comes to lasting relief
  • My favorite tool to use when your symptoms are flaring up
  • How I use “speed bumps” to get lasting relief!

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Is Sitting Bad For Our Backs?

Everything we do can become “bad for our backs.” 

If you’re a desk jockey M-F and decide to plant an apple orchard by hand on Saturday, guess what…your back is going to hurt. 

Does that mean it’s terrible for your back? 

Let’s say you join the local softball league after taking a 10-year hiatus from sports while you built your CPA company for the last few years. 

After your first game, guess what!?

Your back may be a little tight. 

Sitting is not BAD for our backs, but when dealing with a chronically painful area, most of what you will do in and around that area will be painful.

So if you’re in pain now and sitting is making it worse, all that means is that sitting is one of your pain amplifiers. 

Not the cause of your pain. 

There was a time when sitting was painful for me, and now I can sit for hours without pain. 

I have the same injury I had 10 years ago (if anything, it’s probably gotten worse). 

But my pain is no longer chronic, and I sit more now than ever. 

So this doesn’t make sitting bad for back pain but is a reminder that sitting is a sedentary activity. The more modeling you do, the less moving you do. 

The movement you do, the better you will feel with time. 

So follow the rule of sitting less and being more active, and stop telling yourself that sitting is the new smoking.