How To Eliminate Back Pain At Work Within Minutes

I bet you could make a list of at least 5 things that if you started doing them, your low back would start hurting. 

I know for me personally, when my back pain was at its worst, the list of things that caused it was much longer than the list of things that didn’t.

If you struggle to do tasks at work or around the house, always getting other people to help or do them for you, or maybe flat-out not doing them at all due to pain, 

This week’s video is perfect for you. 

I’ll show you how I recently took a potentially painful activity I had to do daily for 4 weeks straight without it ever causing a flare-up or chronic pain situation.

If exercise is one of your current strategies to combat your back pain at work but you find yourself in more pain with certain exercises, be sure to grab my free guide:

How to use exercise the right way to overcome years of back pain without painful workouts or flair-ups.

Why Does My Back Hurt So Much At Work?

Back pain at work is super frustrating. Not just on a physical level but on a mental level as well. The pain seeps into every task you seem to be doing. 

It’s even worse if the movements and tasks you have to do are the specific movements that make your pain worse. 

There are many reasons you may be dealing with lower back pain at work, but the best first step is to focus on the things you can control.

In most cases, your back hurts at work because of two things.

ONE: The activities you’re doing at work are picking the scab of your injuries. 

TWO: You have become so fearful and guarded throughout your workday that the combination of your stiff over, protective muscles and the repetitive tasks you have to do at work is a bad combination.

For this pain cycle to stop, you must eliminate the overprotective response and modify the activities (not eliminate them) while your body desensitizes.

Should I Stop Working If My Back Hurts?

Whether or not you should stop working due to your back hurting will depend on the history and severity of the situation. 

If you are dealing with an acute injury like a slip and fall, it’s best to take a couple of days to recoup and get back on your feet. But if you’re waking up daily with back pain, that’s a different story. 

Most people don’t follow the right plan to get out of pain.

They spend more time and money following what random physical Therapists, chiro’s, or doctors are telling them. 

These providers tend to be awful at helping you navigate the ins and outs of daily life with a low back issue. 

Most low back pain situations at work can’t be solved with a few hip flexor stretches and core exercises. 

You have to modify what you do to get your pain system and body to calm down so the pain can go away. 

this involves diving into the context of your job, work environment, habits, daily routines, and activities you’re doing consciously and subconsciously that are holding you back from seeing the relief you want. 

So if your pain is severe and acute, take some time off. 

If your pain is chronic, don’t lose your job over it but invest in the right plan and do it fast, so you don’t waste any more time in pain.