If Your Back Hurts When Bending Over Or Sitting: Here's your relief strategy!

Do you wake up wishing everything you had to do that day didn’t require any sitting or bending over? 

Do you experience a lot of chronic low back tightness every time you go to do a big cleaning project or chores around the house? 

And no matter how much stretching and core training you do, nothing seems to work.

If yes, you could have an intolerance to bending or flexing the spine, which will translate to pain with sitting. 

This is totally fixable if given enough time to desensitize and heal from the chronic pain you experience. 

Today I will give you the step-by-step process of learning to desensitize your low back and rebuild the ability to bend and sit longer with time. 

Today you’ll discover: 

  • Why you have pain with sitting and bending.
  • Where to start with exercise and movement to reduce the sensitivity.
  • How to build strength in the low back with bending.
  • How to get back to bending and sitting without chronic irritation.

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Is It Safe To Bend Over With Back Pain From A Herniated Disc?

When it comes to bending over with back pain from a herniated disc, the most important thing to remember is how you feel. 

Bending over is not dangerous, even after a herniated disc. But if bending over makes your pain significantly worse, then you know that bending over right now is NOT going to be conducive to your healing. 

Instead, most herniated and bulged discs respond better to a combination of more extension and progressive bending over time to work back up to a more tolerable level of bending that does not worsen the pain. 

Over a short period of time, I would limit excessive bending and allow the area to calm down while working more extensions into your daily routine. 

As the symptoms decrease, then add back in more forward flexion.