Use These Exercises For Sciatica Pain Relief | NO STRETCHES!

You’re 30 seconds into the “Sciatica Stretch” your doctor gave you, and you already know it won’t end well…it may even be the cause of your next week-long flair-up. 

Frustrated and desperate, you reach for your painkillers, fire up a hot bath and pray you can sleep it off. 

If this has been your sciatica recovery story, you’re not alone. 

I talk with people daily who are given decent sciatica relief advice but are either doing way too much, not doing enough, or doing the absolute wrong thing altogether. 

Today I want to give you what I know as the BEST exercises for eliminating your sciatica symptoms as fast as possible. 

What you’ll discover in this video: 

  • What’s the FIRST exercise sciatica sufferers should start with 
  • What exercises should you do as you begin to see results
  • How t know if what you’re doing is actually going to work
  • What to do if the results don’t come as fast as you thought

Once you have these exercises down, you also need to ensure your gym strategy supports the relief you’re trying to get. 

Be sure to grab my free Pain-Free Training Blueprint, where I show you exactly how to use exercise for chronic low back pain and sciatica.

Will These Sciatica Exercise Work For Me?

Healing your sciatica symptoms is not an overnight thing. Odds are you’re not a medical professional and don’t know much about the human body simply because it’s just not your area of expertise. 

That doesn’t mean you have to be scared to self-treat yourself; you have to be careful. 

Go extra slow and error on being more cautious than trying to advance yourself quickly. 

I would rather take 3 months to eliminate my sciatica than rush it in one month and worsen my situation. 

Be patient, take baby steps with everything you do, and listen to your body. If it’s making things worse, you must stop and get more guidance from someone in your local area.