Is Sitting Causing You Back Pain? Here are 3 strategies for relief you haven't tried yet!

The most common frustration I hear when talking to people like you is the pain they experience in their low backs when sitting.

You hate getting stuck in traffic or a long meeting because you know your low back can’t handle sitting for a long time. So you’ve tried holding a perfect sitting posture, invested in the most expensive office chair, and maybe even picked up one of those cool stand-up desks.

Despite your efforts, you find yourself reaching for painkillers or completely consumed with pain.

This is not because your back is special and you’re doomed to live with pain.
It’s just the advice the internet is selling you is garbage.

If it worked, you would see more and more people talking about how they have relief than how much pain they are in.

So today, I will give you 3 approaches to eliminating low back pain with sitting that I’m willing to bet you haven’t been told before.

What Causes Back Pain When Sitting?

There isn’t just one cause of back pain after sitting too long

This is why using stretches, stand-up desks, and ergonomic chairs only does so much. 

These are good quick adjustments you can make, but you must dig deeper to see lasting relief. 

Key areas I would focus on are: 

  • Your current routines and habits that you notice increase your sensitivity (aside from sitting).
  • Adding in some “relief strategies” that you find work for you 10-15 minutes BEFORE you start sitting and throughout the day. 
  • Eliminate the focus on perfect posture and ergonomics in the workplace and focus more on relaxing into your seat and often moving through out your day.