Simple Thoracic Spine Strength And Mobility Workout For Beginners

Upper and middle back pain can be extremely frustrating. Even more frustrating is reading pages of generic articles by medical facilities giving you random causes, symptoms, and treatments that don’t work.

For most people, the solution is straightforward. I think where people go wrong is overcomplicating their issues and not putting the time into following a plan to see lasting relief. 

I understand this firsthand considering it took me years to get a noticeable grasp on my lower back pain simply because I didn’t stick to a plan and see it to the end.

Today I want to give you a plan that’s simple to follow and can be done even if “exercise” isn’t your thing. 

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I’ll show you what exercises to pick, how to pick them, and how to create the perfect workout that doesn’t flare your symptoms. 

What's The Best Strategy To Relieve Mid-Back Pain?

Today’s video details this, so be sure to check that out for the step-by-step approach. 

You want to take a multistep process. 

The first step is gaining a better range of motion in the area. This is where the saying “movement is medicine” comes in. 

We are often stiff and achy simply because we are stuck in one position for a large portion of our day, which increases our symptoms. 

So step one find 1-2 movements that promote expanding this typical “stuck posture” you take on and introduce movement to that area. 

After doing this, we must build strength around this new range of motion. 

I take the same approach with starting small and working up from there. Pick 2 strength exercises and incorporate them into your daily routine. 

I want to emphasize DAILY. 

Better mobility and movement in a specific area are not achieved by doing mobility and strength work once a week. 

You have to set a 3-5x per week plan and stick to it!