How To Cure Piriformis Syndrome Naturally | Step By Step!

A tight piriformis can be a massive pain in the BUTT (pun intended). Odds are, the first thing you will want to do for your piriformis pain is stretch it. It feels good while doing it, but if it does not HELP 12/24 hours later, it’s the wrong strategy to use to get relief.

So what is the best strategy to cure piriformis syndrome naturally?

In today’s video, I break down the exact steps and thought process of my recent piriformis pain, which led to getting rid of it entirely in less than 2 weeks.

Not only do I explain how to repeat this for yourself, but you can even use the exact exercises I used to get the same results!

What Is The Fastest Way To Fix Piriformis Syndrome?

The fastest way to fix piriformis syndrome is not to waste time doing anything that isn’t giving you immediate results. 

Well, DUHHH, William. 

What I mean by that is most people get stuck on stretching the muscle because maybe they were told they have tight muscles o that they have “Short Form” piriformis syndrome. 

So they start stretching, and nothing happens after weeks of putting in a lot of hard work. 

To see fast results, you must be willing to abandon the typical way of thinking and looking at tight muscles. 

Sure your piriformis syndrome could be caused by a shortened or over-stretched muscle. 

But what do you do when the tests you do lead to no real direction to take? 

You have to step back and trust your gut. 

If we don’t know whether stretching or strengthening is the best route, start with one and see how the body responds. 

If it makes it worse when stop trying to make it work. 

Abandon it and try strengthening. Ask yourself the same questions, and you will find yourself on a more data-driven path towards results versus just guessing or listening to what the internet tells you. 

BTW I will show you how to do this for yourself in today’s video! 

What Causes A Piriformis Muscle To Flare Up?

There are several reasons why a piriformis muscle could start acting up. 

There’s the chance that your lack of physical activity, too much stretching, and constant habit of sitting have caused the piriformis muscle to lengthen and become irritated. 

This usually shows common tight muscle symptoms but never really resolves itself through traditional stretching. 

The other common issue has a shortened muscle where for whatever reason, your piriformis muscle has become over-tightened and short, causing spasms and sciatic pain down the legs. 

This form typically responds well to strength work. 

What Is Your Step By Step Piriformis Syndrome Cure?

Alright let’s make this stupid simple. 

STEP ONE: Stop Getting A Hundred Different Opinions Across The Internet

Less is more, and simple is better. 

The more people you have telling you different approaches, the more confused you will become. If you have been experimenting with different strategies. Take 6 days off minimum from doing anything and let the area calm down before trying anything new. 

STEP TWO: Test For Short Form Piriformis Syndrome. 

This is simply a start to gather data, NOT the absolute gospel way of solving it. 

The more data you have, the better decisions you can make based on symptoms.

Does your leg look like this when you hike it over the other knee?

This points us towards “short form” which may need more of a stretching approach. 

STEP THREE: Test For Long Form Piriformis Syndrome. 

When you hike the painful side over the other knee does your leg look like this or does your knee drop even lower than what you see here? 

This points towards a POTENTIAL overstretched and painful piriformis, which would need more strength work.

STEP FOUR: Before You Do Anything, Modify Your Lifestyle

It’s easy to jump right into the exercises and stretches that may work. We must first ensure the habits throughout our day are not making it worse.

This means paying attention to what you do, which increases the pain while at work or doing things around the house.

Fix those first, then start on Step 5

STEP FIVE: Follow The Tests Above And Make An Informed Decision

cure piriformis syndrome naturally

For me personally, I didn’t have long or short form as it pertains to the tests you see above. 

What in the world do you do then? 

I put my thinking cap on and did a little detective work. 

I spend 3 days stretching it 2x a day for 4-5 days a week. 

I asked myself these questions. 

Did it make it :

  • Better
  • The Same 
  • Worse

Stretching increased the symptoms even though pulling on that “tight muscle” at the moment felt good. 

So I eventually abandoned that and started strengthening it. 

I spent the next week doing 3 glute dominate exercises and stuck to them once daily or every other day. 

Within that week, I woke up one day and the pain was gone. 

Could it have been from just giving it time, and it resolved on its own? 


Do I think the strength work allowed the muscle to let go and settle down finally? 


All that mattered was that I didn’t keep beating a dead horse with the wrong strategy and focused on what I knew. 

Now, go and repeat this for yourself!