Low Back Pain Treatments That DON'T WORK | Myths busted!

When I think back on the years I wasted following back pain relief advice given to me by doctors, chiro’s, and providers I trusted, it’s depressing.

I remember what it felt like after trying everything to get relief; nothing seemed to work. 

I owe a lot of that wasted time to following things that don’t work. The unfortunate thing is that the more people I talk to, the more I realize that there’s a strong chance you’re wasting your time doing the same thing.

What I wanted to do in this video is compile 16 of the biggest and most popular back pain relief myths and bust them wide open, showing you why they don’t work and what to do instead!

Why Do Popular Back Pain Relief Strategies Not Work?

This is a great question and can go many different ways depending on who you talk to.

Personally, for me, the advice given by medical professionals is dated and lacks any genuine personal experience. 

It’s unrealistic for anyone giving you low back pain advice to have gone through it themselves, but we expect the best when we seek out the medical model for guidance. 

In my experience and with thousands of others, I have spoken with, their advice never seems to pan out.

The medical model leans too heavily on generic blanket advice.

Maybe it’s to save their own butts, but back pain is complex and requires time, energy, and education to beat, they simply don’t have any of it to give you.

So what do you do? 

First, you stop doing the things that aren’t working, even if that means abandoning the stretches, core exercises, or self-adjustment strategies your Chiro or doctor gave you. 

Then you seek out a reliable source of advice that combines movement, exercise, and pain science to find lasting pain relief. 

This may require a little digging, a lot of emails, and investing your own hard-earned money, but it can be done!