This Is The Only Low Back Pain Relief Mobility Routine You Need

I would say 90% of chronic low back pain sufferers that are trying to use stretching and mobility work are doing WAY TOO MUCH. 

What I have learned to be true after working with hundreds of people worldwide is the stretching routine their on is a key reason why their pain never seems to go away. 

In today’s video, I’m going to simplify your current low back pain relief stretch and mobility routine and give you something that will fit perfectly in even the busiest of schedules.

Today you’ll discover: 

  • How to prep the body for any low back pain stretches
  • What mobility routine I personally start with 
  • How I “recover” from all of my workouts and mobility routines

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Can Mobility Exercises Help With Back Pain?

Before we dive into mobility, let’s understand the beast we’re dealing with.

Back pain can arise from various causes, such as muscle strain, poor posture, or even underlying conditions.

It can limit your movements, affect your mood, and disrupt your sleep.

All of these need a strategic approach to ensure ts NOT the problem, but mobility work can definitely be an asset in your toolbox for relief.

When it comes to back pain, mobility exercises can work wonders.

They focus on enhancing flexibility, improving joint mobility, and strengthening the muscles that support your spine.

By incorporating gentle movements and stretches into your routine, you can release tension, improve blood circulation, and boost your overall health.

Most people I speak with over-emphasize mobility and do WAY TOO MUCH stretching on a daily basis.

This is why today’s post is perfect for you because I simplify it down to something you can do easily right now. 

Here’s what you can do with today’s mini-mobility workout.


Start with a few minutes each day, gradually increasing as you feel more comfortable.

Take breaks from sitting, incorporate gentle stretches, and practice good posture awareness throughout the day.

Remember, consistency is paramount!