Does Eating Junk Food Cause Back Pain?

6 years ago, I was on a ton of anti-inflammatory supplements and eliminated the majority of the “fun foods” from my diet in hopes of beating my chronic back pain, and today I want to share those results.

I remember at the peak of my own back pain story, I was on all kinds of anti-inflammatory supplements and spending a lot of time eliminating “junk foods” from my diet in hopes of getting a break from my pain. 

Logically it made sense. I was convinced from the ruptured disc and degenerative discs above that site that I had a ton of inflammation, so “putting out those fires” made sense. 

After dealing with stomach bleeding from too much Ibuprofin, I switched to focusing more on natural supplements and eliminating all of the high-inflammatory foods I was eating.

In today’s video, I answer a common question I get about anti-inflammatory supplements and whether or not “junk foods”  are making your back pain worse.

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