Herniated Disc & Fusion Friendly Lower Body Workout

A lot of lower body workouts can leave you reaching for the Tylenol bottle and heating pad within minutes of finishing up. 

Hopefully, that’s not the case for you, but if it is, I’ve got something you will want to try!

I want to pull back the curtains on a recent lower body workout that I think is great for anyone dealing with symptoms from a herniated disc or trying to build confidence around their spine after a fusion. 

In today’s video, I’ll walk you through the exact process I use to prep my body for the workout, prime my core to stabilize and protect my spine, and minimize any unnecessary irritation by picking the wrong exercises.

It’s going to change the way you look at training your lower body!

Do you want my exact blueprint for building the perfect workout that eliminates the risk of flare-ups or making your pain worse?

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Are Barbell Squats Safe For Herniated Discs And Fused Spines

If you and I were working together and you had one of these situations, I treat you very different.  

Barbell Squatting With Herniated Discs

For example: For someone with a herniated disc I would focus more on symptoms and technique with the squat. 

So how heavy we go and the amount of work we will do will be 100% based on how your body is responding. 

I would not necessarily use barbell squats to heal your herniated disc, so I would focus on that first before putting you under the bar. 

Barbell Squatting After Spinal Fusion

If you have been fused, I would first see what your fitness goals are. If you don’t care to be able to squat a ton of weight with a bar on your back then I would focus more on effective single leg free weight exercises. 

Barbell squats; although glorified in the fitness space are great but not for everyone and if you don’t feel comfortable under the bar there is no point in making yourself do it. 

There’s so many more options out there that are just as effective!