Ab Exercises that are bad for your back.

There is definitely a list of ab exercises that you need to stop doing if you have back pain. Odds are, your doctor told you to “be more active” or to “strengthen your core”. What they don’t tell you is that you could go to the gym and do the exact exercise that will end up […]

Morning back pain

Morning Back Pain: Optimizing your sleep for the most relief.

Morning back pain is a bear. Your whole night revolves around how much pain you’re going to be in first thing in the morning. You wake up only to take a deep breath before kicking your legs over the side of the bed and trying your best not to upset your already pissed off lower back. […]

I have low back pain when standing: How do I fix it?

I have said it a million times, sitting is one of the biggest causes of back pain today. I actually just released a detailed workout blueprint that is designed for the “desk jockey”. You can check that out here. What about those who stand all day? Maybe you’re a trainer or a teacher who stands in front of […]

Life Hacks to Help Beat Back Pain: Part I

Over the years I have learned countless “other ways” of doing things in order to save my back. It actually took me a while to get across my head that if the movement hurts I probably shouldn’t do it. In some cases, I figured I was going to need push through the pain in order […]