Sitting all day was trashing my back until I made these changes to my workout program

Time and time again most people punch out from their 9 to 5 and make their way to their local gym. They do a little cardio and keep a few of the seats warm on a handful of machines and head over to the mats for a little core training and stretching. Half way through, […]

How anti-extension exercises will help with your back pain

I know I promised you PART II of the self-testing for back pain this week but I wanted to share some GOLD I ran into over the weekend. Stay tuned for PART II this Thursday 🙂   What if the problem we face with back pain isn’t necessarily strengthening a weak muscle? What if it […]

How to fix your rounded shoulders

  Last week I talked about 2 steps to fixing your poor posture. I gave you two of my go-to techniques when I notice that I have been sitting for to long or feel my chest getting tight. It’s never something that you just wake up one day and notice this drastic change in your […]