The Best Books for Lower Back Pain

Listen up. When it comes to finding the best books on lower back pain relief the list is rather small. I have been reading, researching and experimenting with lower back pain treatments for years now and it’s frustrating at the lack of sources for the average person to consume to help fight their chronic or […]

How to do the Side Plank (side bridge)

One of the most over prescribed exercises is the front plank. Sure, it hits a lot of great muscles and can definitely help with building core endurance but when it comes to back pain you want to stay away from the front plank as the only form of planking you do. Today, I want to […]

How to do the McGill Crunch

So, we know exercises like crunches, sit ups and leg raises are terrible for a bad back. If you’re trying to rehab your back the first thing you need to focus on is your foundation. I have mentioned it a few times on this site about the “McGill Big 3”. What I want to do now […]

The biggest mistake you make when bending over

We live in a tough world, babies are constantly crying, bosses are demanding and we don’t make enough money to pay someone to pick up after ourselves. What are we to do! Well if you have been experiencing any back pain lately you could be a candidate for perfecting what is called the hip hinge. One […]

Simple test to help diagnose back pain right from home Part III: Neural Tests

Have you ever categorized your back pain as muscle “tightness”? Whether it’s in your legs, hips, butt or lower back the best way to describe it is this boring tightness that you can’t stretch or numbness going down one of your legs. Well, its actually really common and can be easily diagnosed if you have a […]

How anti-extension exercises will help with your back pain

I know I promised you PART II of the self-testing for back pain this week but I wanted to share some GOLD I ran into over the weekend. Stay tuned for PART II this Thursday 🙂   What if the problem we face with back pain isn’t necessarily strengthening a weak muscle? What if it […]

Life Hacks to Help Beat Back Pain: Part II

So last week we talked about 4 pretty cool ways you can make some life style adjustments to free up some of that nagging back pain. Its not so much about working around your back pain but its finding out what activities you may be doing now that could be causing your back pain then […]

Life Hacks to Help Beat Back Pain: Part I

Over the years I have learned countless “other ways” of doing things in order to save my back. It actually took me a while to get across my head that if the movement hurts I probably shouldn’t do it. In some cases, I figured I was going to need push through the pain in order […]