It’s one thing to eat healthy to keep the lb.’s from creeping up on you. It’s another thing to laser focus your attention on specific foods that will help you fight against inflammation and pain. In this article I want to teach you how to take your nutrition to the next level with two simple ingredients.

Resveratrol and Carcumin

Resveratrol and Carcumin are all star compounds when it comes to fighting inflammation and pain in the body. Both have a plethora of studies supporting their power and impact on the body. What I want to do today is give you a brief go-to source to start adding these ingredients into your daily diet. Not just a couple times a week but hopefully working up to the point where these become a staple in your daily diet and can start going to work on your aches and pains.

Resveratrol is a common compound known to battle it out inside of plants when infections make there way into the root system. Believe it or not Resveratrol goes to work the same way inside the human body. Studies are finding more and more proof that diets consisting of higher levels of this compound are able to aid in reducing inflammation within the body. Depending on your back injury, inflammation can be a big part of what your fighting. I know for me with having a ruptured disc if I do to much the area where the disc normally is gets super irritated and inflamed which always puts me two steps back. You can supplement this stuff or pack your diet with a few of these Resveratrol dense sources.

Top Picks for Resveratrol: 

1) Red Grapes: Not just any kind of grape but red grapes. It’s not just the grape as a whole but the outer skin that holds the majority of this powerful  compound.

2) Peanuts: Just like grapes, the major source of these Resveratrols are in the skin of the peanut so my suggestion would be to find a place that allows you to make your own butters and use as many peanuts with the skin still on as you can.

3) Red Wine: This is one of those times you need to use common sense. More is NOT better in this situation. Making sure these sources are in your diet is important. Getting too much of it could be harmful. Drink responsibly!

4) Dark Chocolate: This stuff is bullet proof and if you do it right it can really be a good source of antioxidants. Shave off a few flakes into your morning oatmeal or in your coconut milk ice-cream.

5) Blueberries: I personally favor all types of berries for their antioxidants and healing power but if you want to dial in on specific sources make sure your week is packed with these dudes.

You can also supplement Resveratrol but be sure that it is coming from a quality source and is natural. You don’t want to skip out and get the great value brand when it comes to things like this. Make the investment!

Can I take in too much? 

Well, your not going to die from an over dose of Resveratrol. At the same time, this isn’t one of things where more is better either. Research suggest to be more conscious about getting these sources in on a weekly if not daily bases. You want to have a constant flow of these resources through your body and the only way to insure this is happening is from eating natural sources of the list above. Taking a basic supplement along with smaller portions through the day is good enough.

Top Picks for Carcumin:

Carcumin stands alone when it comes to its powerful healing capabilities. It’s widely used in the Indian cuisine not just for the flavor but its impact on the healing process in the human body. There a few different sources where you can find this compound but the two most widely used and easiest to get a hold of is Tumeric and Curry.

Unlike Resveratrol, Carcumin can be consumed at higher levels without causing any issues. As a mater of fact, studies involving chronic inflammatory diseases suggest to consume around 3.6 grams a day. I know this sounds like your committing your life to an indian style cuisine but with a little research and exploring you can come up with some killer recipes.

I added about 1/2 Tsp of Turmeric to my morning veggie and egg omelet other then the color, the flavor change wasn’t too dramatic

Try this taco recipe out!

One cool fact to note about this stuff is its best consumed with healthy fats such as coconut oil and olive oil along with pepper. It’s said that combining these ingredients helps with the absorption into the body.

At the end of the day eating healthier WILL bring relief and help your body fight against inflammation, aches and pain but knowing how to maximize the nutrients you take in is huge. Hope this helps!

What is your favorite recipe including Turmeric or Cumin?



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