3 Quick Fixes For Lower Back Pain After Hip Thrusts

Getting lower Back pain after Hip thrusts is a pretty common issue in the gym. The hip thrust is a great exercise for posterior chain and hip development but when coupled with lower back pain it can be brutal.

If you’re experiencing lower back pain after hip thrusts, today I want to break down the hip thrusts and give you 3 things you need to fix for lower back pain relief.

After Watching This Video You Will Know

  • The stupid simple reason your head is messing the entire exercise up
  • What you need to do before you even lift the bar off the ground
  • Why “scooping” is trashing your lower back and how to fix it to stop lower back pain.

How Do You Do Hip Thrusts Without Hurting Your Lower Back?

When it comes to not hurting your lower back during the hip thrusts in my mind it comes down to two things. 

Weight and technique. 

It’s super easy to slap on a bunch of weight and bang out some cool-looking hip thrusts but for most people who carelessly do them lower back pain is always around the corner. 

So number one rule is to start lighter and build up a tolerance while you build a strong platform with your form and technique.

The second part of this is technique. 

When it comes to lower back pain after hip thrusts 9 times out of 10 it’s from too much movement in the lower back and not enough stability. 

If you don’t have lower back pain you’re going to look at this information and think it’s irrelevant but when your lower back hurts these little details matter. 

I break down these form details in today’s video.

If you’re looking for some hip thrust variations that are safe for lower back pain check out this post here. 

A Few Bonus Remarks On Lower Back Pain After Hip Thrusts.

I can’t stress enough the importance of graded exposure when it comes to lower back pain after hip thrusts. 

Lower back pain is a beast and it may seem that the hip thrusts are the main reason you’re experiencing lower back pain but odds are its a number of things contributing to the overall suckiness you are experiencing. 

Some less obvious things are: 

  • The time you’re choosing to workout. 
  • The volume of overall exercise you’re doing.
  • Lack of sleep or poor recovery between workouts. 
  • Trying to force something your body is not ready for. 

Smarter strength training is a process and something you need to think more long-term with. 

In the short term, it may seem that your lower back pain is coming from the hip thrusts but if you zoom out it’s from your poor long-term approach to exercise and life in general. 

Looking To Overall Your Training So That Exercises Like Hip Thrusts Don't Cause Lower Back Pain?

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