Have you ever been stuck asking yourself any of these questions?

Why am I doing these “exercises for back pain” but not getting any relief?

I do my core exercise, go to rehab and/or practice my movement mechanics 3x a week. Why am I not seeing results?!

Can you relate to any of these questions yourself? Today, I want to go over one potential reason your relief is at a standstill and how to ensure that what your doing is the right thing to do. 

There was a time in my own relief journey that I would get held up for some of the dumbest reasons. As someone new to “figuring out” the solution to my own back pain it was extremely frustrating feeling like I was doing what I was told to do but wasn’t seeing the results I was told I would see. It wasn’t until later where I really started to learn that application was everything.

I jumped on YouTube the other day and chatted for a minute about how simply doing the rehab or strengthening exercises you are given is not enough. You have to apply what your learning to your everyday life.

I go over this in detail in the video below!

I want to leave you with this very important piece of information.

Your work doesn’t stop in the gym, the clinic with your trusted professional, with your personal trainer or at home watching/reading any of my content. 

The second you get up off the floor from doing your breathing and bracing techniques or working on the fundamentals of core stability you have to immediately start applying it to the rest of your life while standing and in movement. It’s super easy to lay on your back or have someone leaning over you watching you do certain exercises. Your brain is laser-focused and nothing else is a distraction. The second you get up that all leaves and your brain will immediately revert back to its original habits. In some cases what you can teach your body to do while on your back doesn’t transfer right away to when your standing. Which is why I suggest working on one variation of something in multiple planes and in different positions.

Take Core Locking for example. I first teach this on your back then I have you practice this on all 4’s then on one knee then standing. The key to this technique is being able to successfully execute this in all positions. We often get caught up in thinking more about where we are going then how we will get there. We don’t pay attention to the details which is where bad habits are created and a disconnect is found.

We talked last week about being super fit vs a couch potato and who was more likely to experience lower back pain. The truth is shocking but these same rules apply to how they will begin to rebuild their bodies and learn to use them well.

Thanks for reading guys!

Leave a comment below on one thing you struggle to make the connection with. Is it a movement? a certain part of your prehab/rehab? Leave it below!


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