I love hearing from my readers (new and old) and getting to know you and your specific pain issue in more detail. My ultimate goal is to try to help guide you down the most productive path possible when it comes to getting relief. Since this site was launched, it has grown fast and I get a lot of emails coming in asking where the best place to start is when it comes to solving their own pain issues. Since I don’t have enough hours in the day to address everyone’s issue the way I do with some of my personal relief clients, I want to give you the second best approach or at least a killer place to start. Today’s post will cover 3 non-negotiables when it comes to self-treating your back pain. It’s where EVERYONE needs to start before they do anything else. 

Below is my FREE mini-course on my top 3 non-negotiables for anyone trying to self-treat their own back pain. The most common question I get is how should they go about solving their specific issue. Before I can go into anything else with these people I have to first take the time to cover these 3 things and make sure they become a top priority in their rehab program. Everyone wants a quick fix or a handful of stretches and exercises to do to get rid of their pain. It doesn’t work that way! I can get you relief but you have to do it right!

Take the time this week to watch this mini-course from start to finish and feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below. There are no dumb questions!

I cover a lot of different topics that I didn’t want you guys to be left high and dry on. Work through the links below to make sure you are optimizing everything  you do that could be keeping you from finding relief!

Daily Habit Fixes

25 daily habits to look for

Things you might be doing in the gym

Standing Fixes: 

Stacking Your Segments

Bending Fixes: 

Hip Hinge Basics 1

Hip Hinge Basics 2

Hip Hinge Basics 3

Work Type Issues:

Optimizing lifting situations

Lifting weights around the house or gym

Fixing Common Abnormalities

Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Rounded Shoulders

Looking at a common foot issue

Thanks for watching guys!


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