Do This For Morning Back Pain | Disc Herniations & Fusions

Morning back pain with a disc herniation, bulge, or life post-fusion can be brutal. 

Your body instantly goes into protection mode, and it seems like any movement after a disc injury or surgery is brutal. 

If you have disc herniations, bulges, or trying to navigate the random aches and pains post-fusion, I don’t want morning back pain to be something you dread or fear. 

Instead, I want you to feel confident in your ability to manage it and do everything you can to fix the cause. 

In today’s video, I will give you a morning back pain routine you can swipe for yourself that was responsible for eliminating my morning back pain after rupturing my L5-S1 disc. 

Your disc herniation or fusion surgery is NOT a death sentence, and I am here today to prove that to you! 

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Why is Back Pain Worse In The Morning With A Herniated Disc, Bulging Disc or Fusion

To answer this for your specific situation, we need to break down what you’re currently going through. So keep that in mind when reading this. 

What I would rather you do for now is think about how this applies to you and your body or back situation. 

While you sleep, the spaces between your vertebrae, also known as your “discs,” fill with water so when you first wake up and before gravity takes its toll on the body, typically any symptoms due to the injury will be highlighted. The increase in space between the vertebrae often causes irritations or sensitivity to the already sensitive area. 

For this exact reason, I suggest you follow the 5 critical steps t the perfect morning back pain routine, especially with any disc injury or post-fusion. 

Should I Be Worried About Morning Back Pain?

Morning back pain is common and not to be feared. 

Use that energy to become a detective and dive into why you may have to and what you’re doing now to make the pain worse. 

If the pain progressively gets worse, I would make sure you see a trusted professional. 

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