Dumbbell Lateral Raise Exercise You Should Be Doing

Have you ever wondered what the best dumbbell lateral raise exercise you should be doing is? There seems to be a lot but which ones work the best? There are so many different types of shoulder exercises you can do to build bigger, stronger shoulders (deltoids) pain-free.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the best shoulder exercise for size or the best shoulder exercise for strength. Nothing compares to adding the right shoulder raise exercises to make the perfect shoulder workout complete. I think too many people put emphasis on the big lifts such as push presses, or dumbbell/barbell shoulder press. Don’t get me wrong these should be staples in any well-rounded shoulder workout but they can also be the single exercise that is keeping your shoulders in pain.

I have been training shoulders heavy for over 10 years now and not once have I walked away with a shoulder injury and I think that’s partially due to the exercise choice and how I structure (in my opinion) the best shoulder workout in the world (again, I am biased of course)

Dumbbell Lateral Raise Exercise You Should Be Doing | My favorite exercises for stronger shoulders
The best dumbbell lateral raise exercise you should be doing.

How to structure the best shoulder workout

This is the specific step by step approach that I take with every Push Day workout (this is the day I usually hit shoulders).

  1. Do some variations of arm circles. Slow and focusing on using the complete range of motion of the shoulder joint. Go slow at first and by the end of the 1-2 minute set you can pick up the speed before switching sides.
  2. Hit some banded shoulder exercises like the face pull or band pull apart. These are CRITICAL to both push and pull days!
  3. Hit your smaller exercises first. An example of this would be doing the shoulder raise exercise I show in the video at the top first. You can mix and match any one of those shoulder raise variations for the best shoulder workout possible.
  4. Hit the heavy lifts last. Yes, I know you won’t feel as tough or strong not being able to lift the heavier weight but trust me, your joints will thank you and it won’t mess up your strength gains at all.

If your looking to experience pain-free shoulder training religiously follow those 4 steps every single time.

I work with people around the world who are wanting to continue exercising and seeing strength gains but want to do it pain-free and this strategy has been my go-to for years.

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