If you’re looking for an easy suspension leg workout that’s gentle on the lower back and still builds lower body strength and muscle endurance, you’re in the right place!

Low back pain and leg training are archenemies. Whether it’s bad form or having a really sensitive low back a lot of lower body exercises can trigger low back pain flair-ups.

Despite this reality, there is hope for those looking to train their lower body despite the sensitivity you experience. Today’s video is going to cover just that!

Easy Suspension Leg Workout - The only 5 exercises you need!

If you want to learn how to use the suspension trainer in your next lower body workout or what the best suspension trainer leg exercises are with a sensitive low back, this article is for you.

Oh and if you’re not convinced whether or not the TRX system is effective at building muscle. I am going to show you my blueprint for scaling an exercise to target building muscle and fit any fitness level!

The TRX suspension trainer has been a go-to for me when it comes to being able to build muscle and work through years of chronic pain. Not only are these versatile for any situation you can easily modify the exercise to make it easier or harder depending on your strength levels.

For example, My go-to add on for this set up is a simple weighted vest. Simply throw that on to make any simple bodyweight exercise even harder.

Easy Suspension Leg Workout – The only 5 exercises you need!

So for this suspension trainer workout, I am going to cover 5 easily modified exercises you can do with either a TRX Suspension System or Blast Strap Suspension System.

Let’s break down each of these exercises below:

Lower Body Suspension Exercise #1: Skater Squat

Easy Suspension Leg Workout
Easy Suspension Leg Workout

Grab the handles gently and find a good balance between loading that single leg and using the handles to help take off some of that extra weight. The key with this exercise is to challenge yourself enough to improve but not soo much where it triggers a flair-up or pain.

Lower Body Suspension Exercise #2: Pistol Squat

How Do You Use A Suspension Trainer
TRX Leg Workout Options

Grabbing the handles gently, step forward so you have a little slack in the straps. Shift your weight back with your arms straight and kick the leg you’re not using out front. You can hold this leg off the ground or place the heel down on the ground as you see in the image.

Repeat the exercises for the desired set and rep scheme. Watch the video for the detailed cueing for low back pain!

Lower Body Suspension Exercise #3: Alternating Front and Pistol Squat

Are TRX Squats Effective?
Is TRX effective for building muscle?

Start in the standing position and adjust your grip and position with the straps so it can accommodate the shifting from front to back (you will know what I mean when you try this one out!). I give some great tips for sensitive backs in the video so be sure to check out!

Lower Body Suspension Exercise #4: Lateral Lunge

Will TRX get you ripped?
Will TRX get you ripped?

I love this exercise for a number of reasons. Mainly from the awesome single-leg activation, you get but if you take your time you get a great stretch through the hips, ankles, and thighs. For this exercise the more weight-bearing you are on the straps the easier the balancing act will be as you shift from leg to leg.

As you improve and can do these without symptoms or pain I suggest challenging yourself to not rely so much on the straps. If you want to make this even harder on the lower body throw on that weighted vest I recommended above!

Lower Body Suspension Exercise #1: Hanging Hamstring Curl

lower body suspension training
lower body suspension training

This is a fun one that really doesn’t look all that hard. The secret sauce to this exercise is the return to the straight leg position. Curling the leg is pretty easy it’s the extension portion that is brutal!

Focus your attention on the return portion of this exercise and shoot for perfect form> Follow the cues in the video and you will be sure to build some series strength with this exercise!

BONUS: Suspension System Lower Body Exercise!!!

trx leg exercises beginner
trx leg exercises beginner

This exercise is BRUTAL! I would consider this an advanced exercise for most people! Focus on your hip and spine staying neutral and forcing the hamstrings and glutes to do all the work.

A big mistake with this exercise is using too much lower back when getting into the leg curl portion. Take your time and only do what your body can do without compromising technique or sparking pain.

I cover this leg exercise even more inside of the video!

If this article helped you in any way please hit the share button and help spread the word! It really helps my mission of helping low back pain sufferers all over the world!

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