Exercise For Core Muscle Strength

After something as major as a spinal fusion or history of disk issues, it can be scary trying to figure out what core exercise is safe for you and which ones are not.

Core muscle strength is important especially after having a spinal fusion. Where most people go wrong is they try to do the core exercises they see other people doing in the gym that shouldn’t be done if you have any kind of spinal fusion or a history of disk issues.

Instead, the best way to build core muscle strength with a history of disk issues or a spinal fusion is to focus on 3 things:

  • Core Coordination
  • Core Endurance
  • Core stability.

All of these can be achieved with minimal equipment. It all comes down to how you do the exercise and what to make sure you’re not doing.

In this video, I share with you a simple resistance band core muscle strengthening exercises that focus primarily on core stability and endurance.

This is just one of the core exercises we love to use inside of the Smart Strength Membership that is both gentle on the spine and challenging!

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