HELP! Exercise Is Making My Back Pain Worse | DO THIS NOW!

NEWS FLASH: Exercise is NOT the only thing you need to do to see lasting relief from your chronic sensitivity.

In some cases, the exercises are what could be keeping you in pain.

When dealing with this (which is pretty common), you have to take a step back from pushing the body in the gym with weights and learn to take on strategies that will lower your pain so you can get back into the gym.

In today’s video, I’ll give you 3 signs that exercise is NOT what’s going to help you with lasting relief and where your focus needs to be directed.

I'm Afraid Exercise Will Make My Pain Worse: What Should I Do?

The first step is to look at how you currently apply exercise to your situation.

==> Are you trying to keep up with your 7-day-a-week training schedule while working out of pain? 

==> Or are you just now adding exercise back into your routine and starting to experience discomfort?  

These are two everyday situations where exercise is applied in a relief strategy and need entirely different approaches to seeing relief.

If you are trying to maintain your current workout routine and get relief at the same time, this is not going to work. 

You need to get help finding your ideal workout threshold where you will both continue to get stronger but also focus heavily on getting relief as a priority so you can increase your training over time without pain. 

If you’re just now starting to add exercise back in, then it’s just a matter of modifying and making sure the exercises you’re doing fit you best. Believe it or not, just because you are following a print-off your doctor gave you does not mean you’re doing what is right. 

Getting help from a strength coach who understands back pain is critical. They can help you apply the right exercise at the right time and teach you how to modify and change the exercise appropriately so YOU become your own relief strategist.