How The Curable Health App Changed My Life

Over the past 6+ years that I’ve been working in the back pain space I can’t even count on one hand the number of products I can point at and say “YES, this works and will work for A LOT of people”. 

The reason for this is because back pain requires a number of different approaches that fit the individual person.

Even with that fact, I’ve been using something that has changed my life (and a lot of others as well)

One of the main pillars to my own coaching focus is what I often refer to as “desensitizing your pain system” or the “mind-body connection”. And there hasn’t been a lot of solid resources for these topics until now. 

Today I wanted to give my own personal review of the Curable Health App along with why you should use it, how to use and a special offer for just my readers. 

How The Curable Health App Helped My Back Pain

The Curable Health App focuses primarily on the biopsychosocial aspects of pain. It acknowledges the fact there are mechanical elements to pain such as strength training, posture, and movement awareness but it focuses more on the mind-body connection and how we experience pain in our bodies. 

For years I dealt with very inconsistent low back pain more so after an L5-S1 disc rupture and degenerative disc diagnosis. 

This official diagnosis and countless failed treatments sent me into a spiral of fear, catastrophizing, and protection.

Over the next 4+ years, I would combine worthless strategies such as stretching, adjustments, inversion tables, and reducing my life to ONLY pain-free activities to see little to NO LONG TERM RELIEF.

The Curable Health App helped me better understand why my body experienced the way it did along with ways I could learn to desensitize my pain system over time and eventually beat chronic back pain for good. 

Is The Curable Health App Backed by Current Research And Doctor Recomendations?

Yes, there’s a team of doctors, therapists, physical therapists, counselors, neurologists, researchers, and pain science specialists who are developing the content inside of the app. 

From top to bottom the information given inside of the app is backed by the most current understanding of pain and how to treat it from both a mind and body approach.

Where Do I Go To Try Out The Curable Health App For Myself?

I couldn’t be any more honored and excited to announce my recent acceptance as one of the Curable App resource coaches. This came with a super generous offer I get to share with you.

The Offer: FREE 6 week trial of the Curable Health App along with 50% off your membership if you decided to join. 

This is huge!

If you want to take advantage of the free 6 week trial along with claim the 50% off when you join go through this private F4BP Family Link HERE.

Full transparency I am an affiliate of the Curable Health App, so if you do decide to join I will earn a small commission to help support the site. This commission comes at a ZERO cost to you.