The number one reason I started this site was to offer other back pain suffers hope and direction other than the typical medical system. I knew there was a way out and was determined to spend the next 7+ years of my life in the trenches testing and fine-tuning what worked and didn’t. My approach to treating lower back pain is both hard and simple at the same time. I respect the complexity of back pain and each individuals case and preach hard work and determination which is what makes it hard. The easy part is the fact that you can beat lower back pain without doctors, drugs, and surgery. I have been saying this for years and continue to be living proof of what should have been a two level fusion and a lifetime of pain medication continues to be a drug, surgery and doctor free recovery. 

My mission now is to equip you with the knwoledge and expereince I have gained over the years so you have a simple step-by-step approach to treating your lower back pain on your own. 

This week has been the biggest week in F4BP history. I launched my second pillar of treating lower back pain to the public and not just my personal one on one students. I have not been making a bunch of hype on social media or even on here simply because I have been focused so much on my inner circle and making sure their needs are met. Core Essentials was built solely for them. They have been asking for years the ins and outs of core training for back pain and due to the nature of its depth, I could never really deliver a beginning to end answer that would leave them with everything they need.

This is why I created Core Essentials.

I hate how the fitness industry sells more planks, crunches and “ab workouts” in order to strengthen a “weak core” to get back pain relief.

There is a time and a place for the mainstream exercises but if you’re dealing with lower back pain I would not suggest you do anything else until you have learned the proper way of coordinating your core stability with movement. Simply doing more “ab workouts” will NOT get you the results your looking for. Believe me, I know this from personal experience.

Core Training for lower back pain is probably one of the most butchered and poorly addressed topics in the health industry.

From the medical professionals all the way down to the personal trainers running around your local gym, none of them have a fat clue as to what actually works and what you should be doing to get relief. 90% of the lower back pain sufferers leaving their trusted medical professionals office are clueless as to what they actually should be doing and how to keep from hurting themselves, even more, when it comes to core training.

This is what real back pain sufferers are saying that nobody seems to be answering the right way...

“I need step-by-step instructions on what to do. Even with my physios help I feel lost with how many reps and sets I should do”

“Why is it that when I do core exercises for “back pain” my back hurts even worse?”

“I am tired of reading conflicting information and over-complicated – complex exercises”

If you can relate to any of those you know exactly what it feels like to want to do it right but out of fear, you simply feel stuck.

I am living proof of a failed system. Even with my ruptured disk diagnosis, I was told to do everything except the right thing. I YouTubed, I Googled and emailed dozens of gurus around the world in search of the “right answer” and the guidance I needed to approach core training the right way.

I was told I needed to strengthen my core to support the “weak area”. The stronger the core the better I would be. This is the only thing that everyone seems to be getting right. We need a stronger more functional core to reduce our lower back pain. But how? What if the exercises that are supposed to help with back pain are causing more pain? These conversations were always a great pep talk but I was left empty handed and with only pieces to the puzzle.

The internet only gave me small chunks of what I should have been doing. Still to this day I have yet to find anything that gives the sufferer the “big picture”.

We need a complete “system” from start to finish, from A to Z, from the early stages of development to having more control over our pain and back to doing the things we love.

Instead, the guru’s are too busy making videos of some crazy exercise they think they made up that anyone with back pain wouldn’t dare to attempt.

I need you to hear me when I say this.

“ You can do the RIGHT thing at the WRONG time and it’s still the WRONG thing”

This is the best truth you will ever hear when it comes to rehabbing a bad lower back especially when it comes to core training.

Let that sink in…

What this means is, you can be given a great exercise for lower back pain but at a point in your recovery that you’re not able to do it successfully and safely, therefore making your pain worse and your recovery come to a screeching halt…

This is where 95% of back pain sufferers are at when it comes to training their core to find relief.

It’s my mission to change the way lower back pain sufferers look and seek treatment for their pain.

This past Monday I launched what I call Core Essentials. To date, it is hands down the most informative, hands-on digital coaching material I have ever used myself and created. I wanted it to be the best and like nothing else out there. I really feel like I have succeeded. Just this past Wednesday I had my entire launch week made by this one comment from a Core Essentials student.

“You have already answered questions I had but no one to ask. I have scoured the internet and feel like I finally found what I’ve been looking for”

-Valerie P.

I didn’t team up with a bunch of big names in the industry or get them to endorse what I have created and use their fame to make this look better then it is. I want the consumers to speak for me. The only reason I stay up late after getting home from work and putting my kids to bed is to see people like you and me find real freedom. If I am seeing it in my own life I want you to as well. I know what it’s like to live every day with pain and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I feel blessed to have the knowledge, education and platform I have created in the fitness industry over the years to have built this site and course but more importantly your emails thanking me and supporting my cause.

I am super excited to be able to finally get this to you and to celebrate its launch, I am giving away FREE copies of my Breaking the Pain Cycle. This is what I consider step one for anyone looking to just break into the first steps of finding relief on their own. Before I would even take on a new client they would have to go through my Pain Cycle course due to the depth and detail of what they need to focus and master before even thinking about anything with exercise.

I want you to really get a good idea of what Core Essentials is and what other programs I have created to make this course even better.

Thanks for reading guys and I am excited to get back to cranking out content for you soon!


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