Do you find yourself babying your shoulders every time you’re in the gym?

No matter how many “warm-up” sets you do you still feel like your shoulders need more time before you start lifting?

If this is you then you might want to start doing more of this exercise.

There aren’t a lot of exercises you can do that bring as much overall value to the upper body the way this exercise does.

You can use these as a warm-up in your workout or have them as a full-on exercise that you work into your major lifts.

Whatever you do, one of my secrets to never having a shoulder injury (knock on wood) is the care I take to making sure my shoulders are prepped for the workout.

Preventing shoulder injuries and keeping them healthy after an injury doesn’t mean you have to spend 30 minutes doing arm circles and external rotations like you see some people doing in the gym.

You can do a few sets of these a day or add them to your normal routine!

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