These Lower Back Pain Exercises Will Change Your Life!

When it comes to finding the best exercises for lower back pain relief, there are thousands of different options.

Having so many options just leaves you feeling confused and not knowing which ones you should apply to your situation to get relief from your pain.

Today you’re in luck because I’m going to give you the best exercises (along with examples) that you should be using to build strength, stability, and endurance in the muscles surrounding your spine.

So if you ever walk into the gym not knowing what to work on that day to help with your lower back pain, save this video and refer back to it whenever you need!

What Are The Best Exercises For Lower Back Pain

There are different categories of exercises when it comes to using them for low back pain relief.

There are movement-based exercises like the Cat/Cow and other random mobility exercises, then there are strength-based exercises. 

Where I like to focus a lot is on strength-based exercises. 

Despite how many different options you will see on the internet the three areas I encourage back pain sufferers to focus on are the: 

These are often done wrong or not enough to see real results from chronic low back pain.

How Do I Know If The Back Pain Relief Exercises Are Actually Helping My Back?

There are a few ways that I grade the effectiveness of an exercise. 

One: There is no INCREASE in pain while doing it or 24-48 hours after. 

Two: Your pain level does not go above a 4/10

Three: You experience lasting less pain after committing to 4-6 weeks of doing the exercise. 

Everyone responds to exercise differently but you can use these measuring tools to decide whether o rnot you need to change the exercise, modify the way you do it or just keep plugging along with what you’re doing. 

Where I see a lot of people go wrong is when they are given exercises by their doctor or Physio, and they do them for years with no change in their pain or discomfort. 

Results should be seen within the first 1-3 months of following a program. If not then your program is not working.