How to fix your rounded shoulders

  Last week I talked about 2 steps to fixing your poor posture. I gave you two of my go-to techniques when I notice that I have been sitting for to long or feel my chest getting tight. It’s never something that you just wake up one day and notice this drastic change in your […]

2 Simple steps to help with your terrible posture

  Poor posture sucks. I see people on a daily bases who walk around with some of the poorest body positions I have ever seen. I am no one to really speak though, I am in a constant state of repair when it comes to fixing what I have messed up over the past 28 […]

The do’s and don’ts of exercising after a spinal fusion.

  I was on a popular spine health forum talking with a few people about spinal fusion and reading some of the answers they were giving…mind BLOWN! Now I truly understand why they say be careful what you read on the internet! By no means do I think I am the expert and my information […]

Driving Hack: Decrease back pain with this simple trick

Like I have said before I drive A LOT. I am constantly in this forced flexed position so I have to do everything I can to keep my self agile and unglued. Check out this short video of a simple trick you can do on those long commutes!     If this helped you in […]

What to do if you sit all day for a job

Sometimes you can’t beat the inevitable. There are some jobs where sitting is really the only option. So what do you do then? We have to applaud our occupational world for trying but they really have it all wrong. Someone coming back to work after a back injury is automatically put on “light duty”. Well […]

Your daily commute is trashing your back, stop the pain with this.

I know first hand what it’s like to struggle with chronic back pain and have to commute back and forth between work and home. It sucks! Before I got relocated and saved 20 minutes on my daily commute I was driving over an hour each way…that’s assuming there was no traffic. The hardest thing about the trip […]

More Powerful Stretches for People With Back Pain

I can’t stand googling “Stretches for low back pain”. You always get the same old bend and reach stretches that never actually work! You may come across a few yoga moves that bring a little relief but nothing is really long lasting. This forced me to blaze my own trail when it came to what […]