Morning Back Pain: A simple strategy to beating your pain cycle

  Having a morning back pain strategy has been one of the most helpful aspects to reducing my inflammation and keeping myself in control of my own pain cycle. I wish I could say I owe it all to one person or one great book but it came through research and a lot of trial […]

Your Postpartum Back Pain Survival Guide: For Mom and Dad!

I would say the average postpartum mom bends over 50 times in a day just to do basic baby stuff (thats not including what she is already doing at work or around the house). Simply throwing a baby into the mix can take you from a minor back discomfort to having crippling pain. What you […]

Your Premium Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Anterior Pelvic Tilt (APT) is becoming more and more of an epidemic among both fit and sedentary individuals. For some this cumulative issue is causing irritation to what are already herniated discs, ruptures, facet joint issues and lower back muscle tightness all leading to one thing, back pain. I have been to 3 different spine specialists for […]

WOW! 25 Bad habits you do daily that are causing you back pain.

You know what all the stretches and back pain relief exercises in the world can’t do for you? Change bad habits that are causing your back pain. I call this the “Pain Cycle”. It’s the little things you do every day without even thinking. Unfortunately, it’s these little, over looked habits that are keeping you in pain […]

How to do the Lotus For Back Pain Relief

We all know sitting is trashing our backs. What if there was a way to change the way you sit that would not only bring instant relief but allow you to sit for hours on end without your legs going numb or your back locking up? Well it’s possible. I was recently turned on to this […]

The 7 Gospels of Rehabilitating a Bad Back

There are 7 non negotiable truths when it comes to rehabilitating a bad back. Rehabbing a bad back takes patience, precision and the willingness to stay the course no matter what. Some things in life need to be done a certain way in order for them to work. Like getting ready for work in the morning, you wouldn’t get […]

How anti-extension exercises will help with your back pain

I know I promised you PART II of the self-testing for back pain this week but I wanted to share some GOLD I ran into over the weekend. Stay tuned for PART II this Thursday 🙂   What if the problem we face with back pain isn’t necessarily strengthening a weak muscle? What if it […]