Fixing Rounded Shoulders: The simplest, quickest and most effective way possible.

Fixing your rounded shoulders is something I’m willing to put money on that you have either thought about before or googled in hopes of finding an over-night secret to fixing 15+ years of damage. Unfortunately, there are a lot of places talking about what causes rounded shoulders along with a few stretches to try but […]

You won’t believe how your head and neck posture affects your back!

Today is a quick tip talking about a problem 9 out of 10 people have but nobody seems to be addressing it. I really only like talking about things that I have put through my own testing or have seen others that I know use and have gotten results. Today I wanted to fill you […]

How to fix your rounded shoulders

  Last week I talked about 2 steps to fixing your poor posture. I gave you two of my go-to techniques when I notice that I have been sitting for to long or feel my chest getting tight. It’s never something that you just wake up one day and notice this drastic change in your […]