20 Minute Upper Body Resistance Band Workout

Is your gym still closed or limiting attendance so much that it just doesn’t work with your schedule? 

No sweat! It’s time you start adding in more resistance band exercises to your program anyway.

Today, I won’t give you a 20 minute upper body resistance band workout you can do right from home. 

If you don’t have any resistance bands at home yet (critical for a basic home gym) you can pick up the exact ones that I use in most of my videos (including this one) here.

Is a 20 minute workout effective?

This is a common concern with avid gym enthusiasts because they are so used to spending hours in the gym for one workout. 

Great news for you though!

Yes, a 20 minute workout is effective 

In fact, you could argue (depending on how you train now) it could be even better. 

I would argue the majority of people train too hard. They think more is better so dialing back the frequency and intensity and giving your body a chance to recover properly can do wonders. 

What I suggest you do with this 20 minute upper body resistance band workout is use it as an extra workout on the weekends or use it to replace your upper body workout a couple of times a month (if desired).

You can honestly throw it in anywhere you want! 

Do Resistance Band Workouts Really Work?

This is a resounding yes! 

This 20 minute resistance band workout alone could yield amazing results if you work it into your monthly program consistently and always look got room to challenge each rep and set. One of the best things you could do for your current program is to change it up. 

Now, if you have been a reader of the F4BP website for any amount of time you would know that I am a firm believer in consistency and not changing anything until you have mastered the movement or exercise. 

With that being said how I like to “change things up” is to use a resistance band with the tool I am using such as a dumbbell or kettlebell or do the exact same exercise I would do just with a resistance band instead. 

SO we are not changing the entire movement but swapping out the type of resistance. 

It’s a great way of changing things up and keeping the body and brain challenged.

Do Resistance Bands Build Muscle?

In order to build muscle, your body needs progressive resistance and time under tension (assuming your nutrition is on point). 

This time under tension and progressive loading can be done a lot of different ways over a variety of different amounts of time. 

Just like bodyweight push-ups can build strength and endurance in the chest, dumbbells chest presses and resistance band chest presses can do the same. 

I think the key here is finding ways to really maximize the effort being done with resistance bands. Since the load during a resistance band is not the same as a dumbbell or kettlebell you have to get creative to make sure the entire range of motion when using bands is targeted equally. 

I actually address this exact thing (with a solution) in this workout video! 

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