Top 4 Barbell Core Exercises For Bullet Proof Abs

Barbell core exercises are probably some of the most underused core exercises in the gym. It’s way more convenient to sprawl out on the floor and bang out a few sets of crunches then it is to find some room to break out a barbell. 

We all know convenience doesn’t always pay off though right?!

If you have been looking for a new way to challenge your core without blowing out your back or suffering through another two-week long flare-up you are going to want to try these 4 barbell core exercises out! 

A handful of go-to barbell core exercises is a must if you are trying to diversify your core training and go beyond the traditional bodyweight training. 

This is especially true if you have been dealing with any history of low back pain and the traditional core exercises are getting boring. 

It’s important to change things up from time to time but not at the cost of your low back. 

Enter in my top 3 list of barbell core exercises! 

Are Barbell Core Exercises Safe For Back Pain?

When it comes to core exercises for lower back pain it’s a common thought to take it easy and stick to the easier bodyweight stuff. 

Advice that you should ACTUALLY be following (from someone who has beaten years of lower back pain) is to start with the easy stuff but eventually, you have to work up to more challenging stuff in order to progress. 

The idea behind exercises and back pain is that you want to desensitize the body and tissues while building strength and resilience in them. This requires a different level of difficulty at different points in your training program.

With any type of core training, you want to take it in strides and be willing to modify if the first variation doesn’t work for you.

Are Barbell Core Exercises As Effective As Bodyweight Core Exercises?

Absolutely! In fact, I think it’s silly to just have one over the other. You want to have a good blend and to be honest, I think barbell core exercises are often overlooked.

The cool thing about a lot of barbell core exercises is that they have the ability to challenge the body in different ways that bodyweight work just can’t. 

From stability training to off-balance work barbell core work should be a staple in your program! 

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