3 Causes Of Low Back Tightness Or Pain And How To Fix It

The strategy you’re using to get long-term relief from your tight low back muscles is actually making it worse.

You see, stretching is force-fed to you by so many medical professionals because they don’t know what else to do. 

They think..”well if it’s tight let’s stretch it and see what happens.”

This isn’t going to help with your low back tightness and pain. In fact, it will turn your acute back tightness into something you live with for years. 

Instead, let’s look at 3 common causes of low back tightness and pain and address them right where you are now.

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Why Is My Back So Tight?

There are a number of reasons your low back muscles could be tight.

  • An old injury you’re still protecting. 
  • Poor movement habits 
  • Poor training habits
  • Unresolved chronic back pain
  • Poor work environments. 

It’s usually never just one thing but you can easily make a few simple adjustments to cover a lot of the problem areas above. 

One simple trick I show in the video is how to “shut off” the tight muscles in the low back by using what is called “biofeedback”. 

I break this down more in this week’s full episode!