3 Back Friendly Lower Ab Exercises You Must Try

Today’s video will show you the only 3 lower ab exercises you need to build stronger lower abdominals without making your back pain worse!

Core training is vital in every well-rounded strength-training program, but when dealing with herniated discs, bulging discs, or life post spinal fusion, you have to be picky with what you do. 

The worst advice would be just to build a stronger core. 

You need to be more strategic, which comes down to picking the absolute best core exercises for your sensitive low back! 

If you have no idea where to start or how to make this happen for yourself, I want you to steal these 3 lower ab exercises and use them in your program! 

If your current core training program is causing pain or you don’t know where to start to make things better, email me at fitness4backpain@gmail.com with the word “CORE STRENGTH” and let’s chat about more hands-on approaches to build strength in your body without causing more pain or damage!

Be sure to grab my Pain-Free Core Strength Blueprint, where I walk you through exactly how to pick the right exercises and do them without destroying your low back or surgery site! 

What Ab Exercies Can I Do With A Bad Back?

When it comes to finding the best ab exercises to start with, you need to view everything through a critical filter. 

Important Filter: If it causes pain above a 4/10 on a pain scale, modify it or take it away. 

Now that you have this rule of thumb in place let’s look at a few options. 

When building a stronger core with low back pain, start with core exercises that encourage a neutral spine. 

We do this to focus on building the necessary stability and endurance around an ideal position for your spine. 

Not that flexion or extension or twisting is terrible, but your bad back needs a break from those pain-provoking movements, so that’s exactly what you need to give it. 

Here are some of my best resources for Core Training: 

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What Exercises Target The Lower Abs?

Lower Ab Exercise #1: Modified Leg Drop to Reverse Crunch

If done carefully this modified leg drop to reverse crunch can really hit the lower abs. 

Be cautious with how aggressive you go and maintain control of your body the entire time. Do not use momentum just to get the reps done. 

Lower Ab Exercise #2: Modified Ab Wheel

There are a few different variations of this exercise, but the main focal point is how you are contracting and bringing the ball or wheel closer to your body. 

I demonstrate two variations of this exercise, one being the ball version (easiest) and the second being the ab wheel (of death). 

Start with the easiest ones and watch the video for back pain-specific coaching. 

Lower Ab Exercise #3 Straight Leg Reverse Crunch

The straight leg reverse crunch is similar to the modified leg drop version. We are just taking out any excessive leg drop and focusing more on the control with the reverse crunch. 

Go slow, don’t bounce in and out of position, and if you can only do a handle full, that’s fine. Start with where you are. 

What Do I Do If Core Training Still Causes Back Pain?

Your next action plan is to get to the root of the issue. Odds are there are some simple changes you can make to your lifestyle and habits before you even start a strength program that will revolutionize the way you feel. 

Do you need help digging into those things and want a step-by-step action plan to follow? 

Email me at fitnesss4backpain@gmail.com with the keyword “CORE STRENGTH” 

I’ll know exactly what you mean, and I can send you more info! 

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