My Beginners Guide To Core Strength For Back Pain

Have you ever been excited to try a new core exercise you found promising to help relieve lower back pain but a few hours after doing it you realize it was a big mistake? 

Or maybe you have been doing the core exercises your PT gave you 6 months ago and you result have stalled out. 

Core training alone will not heal your lower back pain but what we want to make sure of is that the core exercises you’re doing aren’t making your pain worse. 

In today’s video, I give you my complete beginner’s guide to core training for lower back pain. 

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What Are Your Best Tips For Core Training With Low Back Pain


When it comes to building core strength as a beginner for lower back pain, I would suggest starting with one or two exercises you know don’t cause pain. 

We often want to keep adding in new exercises thinking the variety is what we want. 

We also do this because we get bored quickly and want to jump to something new. 

Stop doing this. As a beginner, invest your time and energy in mastering a handful of excellent exercises and work from there. 


My second best tip for beginners looking to build a stronger core with lower back pain would be to stick to only neutral spine work while your sensitivity is high.

There are a lot of great neutral spine core work that are perfect for beginners. 

Here are a few of my favorites: 

Front Rack Carry

Back Friendly Front Plank

Disc Bulge Friendly Core Exercises

Check out more by searching on this site! 

How Often Should I Train My Core If I Have Low Back Pain?

When it comes to experimenting with how often you should train your core, it’s best to let your body be the judge of that. 

We often get put in a box by our PT or therapist to do a certain number of exercises throughout the week. 

Which isn’t terrible, but what happens when symptoms are higher that day? Or maybe one of the exercises is just not feeling right.

I encourage people not to wait until their body is symptom-free but be ready to adjust and modify on the fly to work around any cramps or pain you may be having that day. 

If you’re doing low-level core work like beginner-level stuff, you can train your core 5x a week. If you are turning up the intensity, I suggest starting 3 times a week and working up from there if your body is responding well.

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