This Quick Posture Fix For Back Pain Will Change Your Life

I want to give you my lightning-fast relief strategy that involves a simple, quick fix to your posture to relieve painful back muscles.

There are many aspects to correcting poor posture, like rounded shoulders or “text neck” that can seem overwhelming. You’re not sure what muscles to stretch, strengthen, or change habits in your current everyday routine.

The first thing that I teach my students is to simply bring awareness to where their body is in space throughout the day, and I do that with what I call my “5 Point Posture Reset”.

This is super simple and can be done anywhere from the office, in your favorite chair, or the kitchen cooking dinner. My quick “5 Point Posture Reset” will become your favorite relief tool on the go!

Can Good Posture Fix Back Pain?

Good posture does not mean you will have zero back pain.

However, posture is ONE area of the body that we can look at to help desensitize our pain system to get back to doing more things without the nagging pain. 

I’m not too fond of trying to hold perfect posture all day, and there was a time when this is what you would see as a requirement to live back pain-free.

Unfortunately, it‘s just not true. 

Your posture does not need to be perfect to beat back pain, but it’s crucial to aim to find small areas you can improve to take some of the pressure off these painful muscles. 

So don’t look at posture as something you have to get perfect. Instead, we want to look at bringing awareness to where your body is in space. 

Can You Correct Posture After Years Of Bad Posture

Yes, you can see a massive change in your posture even after years of bad posture. 

The best thing you can do is think long-term. 

Rome was not built in a day. 

It takes time and attention to old habits. The act of correcting posture is easy but creating new patterns around what better posture needs for it to be a lifelong change requires a lot of attention to detail and patience. 

The best first step is simply getting your body into a better position throughout the day, so your brain and body can build that better neural drive between what is right. 

How To Realign Your Posture: MY 5 POINT PROCESS

The First Posture Reset Point Are The FEET

The feet impact so much stuff upstream, but it is often overlooked and just stuffed in less ideal shoes for hours a day. 

We have got to change that. 

Tieing your feet into your posture is about bringing awareness to what is going on and building strength in the muscles that make up the foot. 

This means actively engaging your toes and muscles that make up the arch of your foot the entire time. 

I have flat feet myself, and this has been a lifelong process not to magically “fix” my flat feet but to bring awareness and strength to the arches to help support the rest of my body which helps with posture.

The Second Posture Reset Point Are The Hips

The hips are a big deal when connecting the upper body with the lower body. 

It is one of the most common sources of pain, but the muscles surrounding the low back and hips often take the load of a lack of activation from muscles up and downstream from this site. 

When doing this quick posture reset, the second main focal point is the hips. 

We want to make sure we can manage the hips and get them into an ideal position that brings relief to your achy back. 

In the full video, we cover exactly how to do this step by step!

The Third Posture Reset Point Are The RIBS

The ribs are often overlooked when we address the core brace or correct our posture from the low back up. 

The common issue I see is what I call “rib flare” it’s the habit of flaring the ribs and overextending the low back, thinking we are creating more of a stable structure. 

When in reality, this over-extended, flared rib position sets us up for poor posture and a potential injury in the gym.

What we want to do is learn to lock the ribs down before we do exercises or when doing the posture reset I show you in today’s full video. 

The Forth Posture Reset Point Are The SHOULDERS

The shoulders are commonplace for postural issues. You hear the phrase “rounded shoulders” a lot, and this is simply the habit of allowing our shoulders to be pulled forward to take on this forward bent position. 

There are a few different factors that are at play. One is a tightness of the chest muscles and a potential elongation and weakness in the back muscles. 

We have to look at both to correct it, but it does not stop there. 

We must train the brain to crave a different or more ideal position and stop accepting this forward-rounded posture as the best place to be. 

In this video, I show you how to address the awareness factor of bringing the shoulders into a better place. 

I did an entire video on correcting rounded shoulders you can find right here.

The Fith Posture Reset Point Is The Head

Where the head goes, the rest of the body will follow. 

You would be surprised how much low back tension can be released if people made more of a habit of better stacking their body segments. 

We have to pull ourselves out of this forward flexed position and straighten our posture to support healing and to turn down the need for our back muscles to be firing. 

We talk about where your head is in space to tie everything in with this quick posture reset for lower back pain relief. 

Bringing the head over the shoulders will bring a noticeable difference in the “tone” of the lower back muscles. 

So much so that you can place your hands on the lower back and feel the muscles “turn off” when the head is brought back into a better-stacked position. 

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